Brush for varnish

The brush is the main tool for applying paint, is considered a classic. In most cases, varnish can be applied by brush and not look for other options, because you can always find meets all the requirements brush. The main advantage of its application is a good penetration of the bristles into all irregularities that may appear on the surface.

The bristles of the brush can be natural or artificial. Special advantages neither the one nor the other option, bristle brushes are the most artificial lose the lint breaks. In turn, poor-quality synthetic brush can be deformed under the action of varnishes or solvents, can lose color and paint the nail.

For small parts with lots of protrusions and recesses, such as the various wooden figures or carved elements on the surface, best suited the thin round brush with a long handle. And for applying paint to a smooth surface for better fit flat brushes of various sizes. The smaller the object is, the smaller should be the brush. With very small things that need varnishing, often cost is without a brush, completely dropping them into a container of varnish.

Other options for the application

Very popular when applying varnish use paint rollers, this is especially useful when you want to varnish the large surface area. Processing a wide long Board, door or countertop, wall, ceiling and floor, work with a cushion incomparably better than with the broad brush, people work faster. Not all paint rollers are suitable for working with paint - it is best to stay in the foam, well-fit mats.

Professionals when applying paint is often used a spray gun or a spray bottle. This method has worked well on large and very large areas - walls, ceiling, and floors of houses, fences. When applying paint by spray coating will be uniform without any traces of an application. On large areas such a result it is difficult to achieve using other methods. Spray lacquer only in a clean and well-ventilated area, as all the dust particles from the air will settle to the surface with varnish.

Small surface, except for the hands, you can coat a tampon made of scrap materials. When choosing fabric, you need to remember that traces of lint on the nail Polish look very ugly, so better to give preference to smooth, dense, lint-free tissues pale colors.