Before you apply the paint, prepare the surface. Grind with fine sandpaper, wipe clean and dry.
Then apply a coat of primer. There are special water priming both colorless and tinted. The primer coating allows to reduce the consumption of varnish and makes the surface more smooth.
After drying the primer, apply a coat of varnish. Coverage you need to make two or three layers. Each subsequent layer is applied after full drying previous.
Gloss varnish makes visible all the irregularities on the wood surface. Matt varnish – allows you to hide them.
Water varnish suitable for application over previously painted surface.
Nail Polish or apply with a roller or brush in a thin layer to avoid drips and streaks. You can also use the spray.
If you want to cover with varnish new wood resin rocks, first cover it with a stain on 2-3 coats and then varnish.
Previously painted or varnished surface, fine grind sandpaper to remove old coating. Then rinse and dry. Cover with 2-3 layers of primer or stain and start coating varnish.
Render surfaces can use a tinted spray and then clearcoat. Or you can use a tinted varnish, which added a 5% impregnation. Impregnation should be water-based.