Lacquers for coating wooden products, there are many. When deciding what wood varnish is better to choose, proceed from the destination of the processed materials and the conditions under which it will operate.

Alkyd paints

Varnishes for wood with alkyd formulations are used for treatment of wood indoors and outside. On the strength of this type of varnish one of the best. Coating of wood turns solid and protects the wood from moisture. The lacquer is resistant to ultraviolet rays. There are minor disadvantages: dries nail Polish for a long time, at least three days. Additional additives in the alkyd paints can reduce drying time to days.

Another kind of alkyd paints – medium with additives of urethane group. Such coatings dry much faster – up to 12 hours, while the strength characteristics of the coating increase significantly.

Oil varnishes

Varnishes are oil-based are also often used in the processing of wood indoors. Such tools are available in several shades from pale yellow to intense brown. From the selected shade of varnish will depend on the final appearance of the treated product.

The composition of this varnish differs in terms of fat. Fat laki and laki average fat easily and fit well on the surface and, in addition to decorative effect, serve as protection for the surface. Coatings with a low percentage of fat, to 55%, are used solely for aesthetic treatment of the wood.

Acrylic water-based varnishes

The choice of acrylic lacquer for wood – the lot of supporters of sustainability. The material is safe from this point of view, it has no smell, gives the treated timber fire-resistant properties. These varnishes are used for finishing of premises inside and outside. They retain the texture of the wood, not the yellowish as lucky other species. Usually the stores sell a whole range of varnishes, which have different degree of gloss. The tools are not recommended for areas with high foot traffic and in conditions of constant, and especially high humidity. Ultraviolet rays material impact on the Lac do not have. Dry acrylic lacquer for a long time, to complete formation of the film requires about 2 weeks.

Nitro lacquer

This kind of lacquers used for the different types of wood, but mainly for indoor use, as resistance to ultraviolet rays is not. In wet areas, the nitro lacquer is also not used. In other cases, they are good, so as to quickly penetrate into the wood, provide reliable protection and dry very quickly, within just a couple of hours. To apply the nitrocellulose lacquer is necessary in a respirator, as it is composed of solvents with a high degree of toxicity.

Polyurethane coatings

Very often coatings with the polyurethane composition used for finishing outdoors. The most famous of this type of varnish – yacht. It is resistant to moisture, wear-resisting, withstand high traffic. The surface of wood after coating with polyurethane varnish, usually glossy. Also often this tool is used for the processing of furniture, and for flooring, and even smaller interior.