Lucky for the tree of good that does not hide, but rather emphasize it. But this is typical only for transparent or very light compositions, colored give the tree shade. Varnishes are made of water, alcohol, polyester, acrylic, cellulosic, polyurethane, oil-based.

Some wood varnish to choose?

Varnishes for wood, water-based are odnokomnatnaya. This is the most dolgosrochnuyu compositions among all of these types of coatings for wood. They can be diluted with water, easy to apply, suitable for all types of work.

Varnishes based on polyurethane are inexpensive and dry quickly. They are both one - and two-component. Some of them require precoating of the surface. These compositions diluted with solvents, so they have quite a pungent smell. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing. Among the shortcomings of these tools of wood processing include the availability of harmful substances.

The nitro lacquer is made on the basis of cellulose. This is perhaps the most popular type of varnish, the reason for that – short drying time and low cost. But these compositions have significant disadvantages: low resistance to abrasion and UV radiation and possible delamination.
Acrylic varnishes are more expensive than their counterparts, but are often used in furniture manufacturing because of its excellent light fastness, durability, high-quality gloss. These compounds a very long time to dry, that does not prevent them to be the most popular among those who are passionate about decoupage.

Varnishes based on polyester are used quite rarely because of the complexity of application and high toxicity. They are sprayed in aerosol form, and require a special tool. These compounds are used in the manufacture of musical instruments, as they are able to create a fairly thick layer of the coating.

What a lucky tree suitable for outdoor use?

For external works use cold-resistant, light-resistant, moisture-resistant coating. Only such coatings can reliably protect the wood from rain, wind and sunlight. You cannot apply for wood which is on the street, the compositions forming the non-elastic film. These include the nitro lacquer. In addition, the varnish for exterior use should contain anti-bacterial additives that protect wood from insects and prevent rot.

For outdoor work you can use varnish on acrylic, oil, water-based. Most worthy among these coatings consider high strength yacht varnish. The most popular formulations for exterior grades of "Hello", "Aqua", "Flourishing", "Eurotex", "Bor".