The concept of continuous seniority was relevant until 2007. Experience could be interrupted if the employee changes the place of work for a good cause, not concluded within one month of a new employment contract. At dismissal at own will without valid reason, this period is reduced to three weeks.
Seniority is not interrupted by service in the armed forces, if the date of discharge from the army before the conclusion of a new employment contract was held not more than a year. In that case, if during the year, twice changed jobs, going back home on their own, the experience of losing continuity. The reason for the automatic termination of continuity of employment was the dismissal of an employee for committing an immoral act or a violation of labor discipline.
In accordance with Federal law of 29.12.2006 of the year "On compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with motherhood", which entered into force on January 2007, the amount of the allowance against temporary incapacity for work now does not depend on continuity of employment. Now attention is directed to the insurance experience of the worker, that is, the period of time when the employer contributed insurance premiums - the payments for compulsory insurance.
Currently working experience necessary, mainly as evidence of experience, as well as those people whose duration of insurance prior to 01.01.2007 less than the length of uninterrupted service until the same date. Therefore, you have the right to quit any number of times during the year without good reason, and it will in no way affect the amount paid to you benefits.
Despite the fact that the concept of "continuity of employment" and no longer relevant, at the conclusion of the employment contract the employer can determine to provide workers with certain benefits by duration of continuous operation from him. In addition, a large number of dismissals without good cause tells about the impermanence of a man who could become the indirect cause of denial of employment.