Advice 1: How to make a seniority

Today there are a huge number of firms engaged in the execution of labor books at the request of the customer. Is it worth to apply to such organizations? Might be better to formalize their employment relationship through official channels?
How to make a seniority
Please contact one of the companies engaged in the design and restoration work books.
Check out the price list of the company and note what services are most often demanded. If the most popular services of an illegal nature (for example, selling labor books with records), turn around and leave. It is likely that due to the large number of orders, the employees of this company care little about the adequate design of work books.
If the firm specializiruetsya on the search for information to fill books or offers services to restore previously lost books, you may order employees of the organization.
If you are not satisfied with this method of recovery of the labor experience , or you don't like the methods of employees of the company (according to the principle "all the same what to write, if only lines to fill"), you will have to spend a lot of time to yourself to arrange everything.
If your employment history is lost, contact the HR Department of the organization in which you work or have worked recently. No later than two weeks you must issue a copy of the work book that records the total labor experience, which is confirmed by other documents and also with information about the rewards (only for last job).
If you want to completely restore all the records in the workbook, you will have to contact all institutions and organizations where you once worked, a statement (or request) about the search of your personal file. Personal Affairs by law shall be deposited in the archives of the organization or institution for 75 years from the date of the employee's dismissal.
If you worked for a long time without registration of labour relations, you can only help in one of the firms involved in the falsification of the employment experience. It is costly and unreliable, despite the assurances of the employees of such organizations. Decide whether you really important experience acquired illegally.

Advice 2: What is included in the seniority

The concept of seniority was used in the calculation of retirement pensions before January 1, 2002, it is currently replaced by the concept of insurance experience. He and the other experience is defined as the total duration of the periods of employment. Employment or insurance experience are used in relationships, when it comes to social security.
What is included in the seniority

Labor laws

Until 2012, the main legislative document regulating labour relations, was the Labor code – the Code of labour laws. According to him, the concept of seniority and continuity of employment were used for the calculation of pensions, when paid sick leave, other under the state guarantees and compensations.

After accession from 1 January 2002 according to the Federal law No. 173-FZ "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation", the concept of continuity of employment lost its legal value, and the term seniority is used only for those cases when we are talking about employment records made prior to 2002. But if this experience was taken into account, for example, periods of training in schools, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, now it is calculated the same way as insurance period, introduced in 2002, in accordance with article 10 of the law on labour pensions, and these periods it takes.

What is used to calculate the labor and insurance experience

The main document which is used to calculate the total length of service for calculation of pension is a work-book. While seniority includes all periods of work and social activities prior to 2002, calculated in the prescribed manner. In the insurance experience only periods of work or other activities that were executed by you in the territory of the Russian Federation, provided that you were insured in system of obligatory pension insurance. In determining the total experience insurance experience is summed with the labor.

Under the new law, the years of study in the General seniority not taken into account. In insurance experience, your work activity will be included only in the case when during this period the company has paid insurance premiums to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Other periods to be taken into account, the law will include:
service in the Armed forces;
- the periods during which you received benefits under mandatory social insurance or unemployment;
- periods spent on leave for a child up to the age of one and a half years.

Manufacturing practices which you have held in professional education, General experience enters only in the case if you have been officially designed to work under an employment contract, and the company in this period was made mandatory contributions to the PF RF on your salary.
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