Please contact one of the companies engaged in the design and restoration work books.
Check out the price list of the company and note what services are most often demanded. If the most popular services of an illegal nature (for example, selling labor books with records), turn around and leave. It is likely that due to the large number of orders, the employees of this company care little about the adequate design of work books.
If the firm specializiruetsya on the search for information to fill books or offers services to restore previously lost books, you may order employees of the organization.
If you are not satisfied with this method of recovery of the labor experience , or you don't like the methods of employees of the company (according to the principle "all the same what to write, if only lines to fill"), you will have to spend a lot of time to yourself to arrange everything.
If your employment history is lost, contact the HR Department of the organization in which you work or have worked recently. No later than two weeks you must issue a copy of the work book that records the total labor experience, which is confirmed by other documents and also with information about the rewards (only for last job).
If you want to completely restore all the records in the workbook, you will have to contact all institutions and organizations where you once worked, a statement (or request) about the search of your personal file. Personal Affairs by law shall be deposited in the archives of the organization or institution for 75 years from the date of the employee's dismissal.
If you worked for a long time without registration of labour relations, you can only help in one of the firms involved in the falsification of the employment experience. It is costly and unreliable, despite the assurances of the employees of such organizations. Decide whether you really important experience acquired illegally.