Please note: the Labour code has no provisions according to which the employee reached retirement age, would be subject to dismissal. So use at dismissal of the pensioner conventional scheme.
Make the dismissal if the employee is already retired, has written in your name statement. After 2 weeks from the date of signing the application, the pensioner can be considered to be dismissed at own will in connection with the retirement, which will be made relevant notes in his workbook. All the fees associated with the dismissal are preserved. Warn him that he must apply for recalculation of payments to the pension Fund no later than a month after the dismissal.
Call yourself a pensioner and offer to part amicably, by agreement of the parties. Offer him financial compensation for the dismissal (for example, issuing it as an award for length of service or other incentives. If you don't enroll properly compensated, then it may be regarded by the court as a bribe.
If your organization is liquidated, the dismissal of the pensioner passes on the same basis as other employees.
Be sure to warn the worker-pensioner about the future of the redundancy is not less than 2 months. The reduction is not subject to single pensioners who are raising a child under three years of age, or a minor disabled child.
If you sent an employee on an unpaid leave, fire him then you will be able only be received by mail his resignation. You will be required to pay him all the monies owed are not received for the holidays.
You have the right to terminate retiree health if he got (or already has) a disability status. But before that, you'll need to offer him another, less demanding job. If similar work in your organization, notify him in writing. In that case, if your employee pensioner became disabled in the accident that occurred at work, then dismiss it, you can only on his application or, if the company is downsizing, in the last turn.