You will need
  • - contract for service;
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • receipt of payment for the services to disable;
  • - the certificate stating that you have no debts to pay for the phone
Find the contract that you signed with your operator for the service of home phone. See: "termination of contract". If you can't find this document, it does not matter. Please contact your local post office (nearest Telegraph office) and explain to the operator the essence of your question. Please bring your own personal passport and a contract for service (if any).
Write a statement of established form with a request to disable your home phone. Attach to the application a certificate from the local branch of the YERITS that you have no debts on payment of a home phone. In addition, attach the receipt for payment of the disconnection of the device from the network.
After submission of all required documents by you personally or by your legal representative (with a notarized power of attorney), wait for the arrival of the employee of the phone company to your house to disable your phone. Depending on the number of applications at this point in time, your wait can last from several days to a week.
Once there is an actual shutdown of the device, the wizard will give you a certificate about the work produced. Get her a copy and bring to office a telephone company with which you had a contract. The master personally, you do not have to pay.
Before you disable phone home, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". If your family is elderly, they may not always be able to quickly find and dial the emergency number from a mobile phone. In addition, the mobile phone can be lost at the most inopportune moment or encounter other difficulties, for example, runs out of battery. Many people keep your home phone connected through Internet. Analyze, not whether you will lose any opportunity when you disable a home ventilator.