Before you completely abandon the provider of MGTS after the change of provider, consider switching to one of the plans of the series "Internet-Lite." After you go to any of these tariff itself, the subscription fee will fall by more than five times, and in addition to it will have to pay for those days in which for a while was the modem. Such a channel can be used as a backup: if your new provider will occasionally work intermittently, when this happens, you can include an ADSL modem connected to MGTS. Don't forget to turn off the modem, as soon as the new provider will resume.
If you do decide to disconnect the Internet from MGTS fully, call by phone (495) 636-06-36. Tell the operator that you have decided to terminate the contract, give your passport details and wait for the notification that the service you provided. Make sure that it really is.
Disconnect from the telephone network splitter and the modem. Connect telephone sets to the line directly. To comply with safety rules, as when an incoming call appears in the line high voltage. Remove any cables that were routed from the modem to the computers. If the modem is the property of MGTS and rented by you, hand it in (you can arrive telephone master). The modem is your property, if you want to sell. If there was only one machine and the client PPPoE was right on it, remove it.
This month you may be billed for the use of the Internetom MGTS in full. Wait for receipt of next month - it's corresponding item must be absent. If he is still, call the number above and let, monthly fee for Internet you continue to claim by mistake.