Advice 1: How to get through on the radio

It's hard to find anyone who wouldn't want to hear your voice in the radio – even if it is just the ordering of a musical composition or transmission of Hello friends. Many are also attracted to the participation in competitions with different prizes or the opportunity to discuss interesting topics with well known radio presenter. Unfortunately, to call on the radio is very problematic, but still, there are people who can do it with enviable regularity. Following their advice, you too will be able to get on the radio.
How to get through on the radio
You will need
  • You will need:
  • phone;
  • radio.
First, know that the call on the radio is easier and cheaper than from a mobile and a home phone, especially if you're calling subscriber number of the city. If landline phone you have – try to call from a mobile, but be prepared that if you get me, you wait, for example, the end of the song to broadcast, your balance can be written off a decent amount.
Note that it is much more likely to get through on the radio the night after about 2 hours.
Get ready for what you have to persevere if you really want to get through on the radio. Start calling in the air at the moment, as soon as you hear from the master the number that you can call. Despite the fact that almost certainly you will hear the busy tone, do not despair and keep trying as long as you don't or won't hear that in the air hit the other person. Even if you think that someone have just "hangs" on the line, and you have no chance, remember that modern communication is imperfect, and sometimes just stops working. In addition, people who receive calls can "reset" the wrong caller is a small child or it's too boring constant listener.
If possible, try to call with two or more phones. This method is easy to use when you are in a large group of friends or colleagues. However, have to persuade the person on the phone made it to the air, to give the same tube.
If you absolutely have no luck, and your constant attempts end in failure (and if this persistence this is rare), try to contact DJ by email or on the forum that are likely to have on the website your favorite radio station. If you can convince him that you really have something to say on the topic discussed on the air, maybe he'll agree to call you back. In any case, on the website you can write your own message (or send it via SMS), which the DJ will read if it is interesting.
When you call on the radio away from the receiver a small distance that the air does not appear interference.
Useful advice
Before you call on the radio, rehearse what you are going to say on the air. Some people, being in front of thousands of audience, they begin to hesitate and stammer, so better think of your even a small speech.

Advice 2 : How to call the hotline RZD

Call the hotline RZD, a free multi-channel telephone number 8-800-775-00-00. This line has a large number of operators, so the response period is usually minimal, and some of the information to the company's customers is provided in automatic mode.
How to call the hotline RZD
When you use the services of the company Railways often need to communicate with employees to clarify certain information, plan their route, filing complaints against officers, and for other purposes. If you have any permanent difficulty awaiting response operators, a variety of different rooms that you had to call repeatedly, at the present time the company operates the Unified information and service centre. To reach the specified OU is possible by multichannel phone 8-800-775-00-00. The call is free to any region of the Russian Federation.

Why to use information service center?

In the information service centre of Russian Railways you can quickly find all necessary information, including clarification of the timetable of any change, the details of the reservation and purchase of tickets, terms of service. When poor-quality provision of transportation services also is a preliminary call at the number listed above to the company because the operator will advise passengers on how to proceed. The firm contains a huge number of operators, so the answers to all your questions can be obtained as simply and efficiently. That is why many people choose this method of communication with this carrier.

How to call specific units of Railways?

Some customers need to contact the specific structural subdivision of Russian Railways. In this case, the use of Single information and service center is also possible since the operator must connect with the appropriate Department or office will provide information about the desired phone number. In addition, there is separate help for the phone numbers where you can specify data for a specific employee. To call help on phone numbers of Russian Railways by phone 8-499-262-99-01. The services of this unit it is recommended to use on special occasions because it is usually much easier, faster and cheaper to reach a Unified information and service center. In addition, the company offers multiple methods of communication-related direction written applications to the Internet, the use of which not a high speed, but is suitable for some passengers.
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