You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - instruction.
Use the simplest method of unlocking your phone. Either wait for the complete discharge of its battery, or just remove them from the device. Unplug the base from power source and wait a few days, maybe a week. After that, there will be a reset to factory settings; accordingly, the lock will be removed. This is due to a supply shortage for storage in system memory of the phone information about his condition.
Review the instructions for unlock. It may be different for individual models and manufacturers. To get it you can from the official website of the developer. Read the terms and conditions under which there is a phone lock - if this is described in the manual, follow its instructions to unlock.
If none of the above it does not help, take the device to a special service center. Also it is useful to refer to the sellers in the store in which you purchased the product. It is possible that they have the necessary information to unlock.
If you have certain skills, run the wiring jumper on the chip, near the contacts connecting the battery. Turn on and off it in this state into a network and then move them back. Check whether the lock is shot.
Please note that this is only available for few phone models. And if you have never dealt with such a technology, take the phone in for repair. When buying a phone manufacturer Panasonic in advance check with the sellers actions to unlock. Most modern models are often blocked by users inadvertently. Also look for repair information on the official website of the manufacturer.