Disable the home Internet Beeline you can at any time. It is necessary to abandon all services under the contract and to terminate it completely. You will have to write a written statement to the operator. This can be done in any office of the company Beeline.
Terminated the contract, you are entitled to receive back unused funds remaining in your personal account. To this end, the statement must specify the details of your Bank account or the phone number of Beeline subscribers to which you want to transfer your money. Please note that cash funds from the account in the office of Beeline not issued.
If the balance of your personal account insignificant or equal to zero, you may not terminate the contract with the operator, but simply to stop pay home Internet Beeline. If at the time of Commission of the next advance payment on your account will be insufficient funds, service will be temporarily suspended until the account replenishment. If within 6 months of providing services will not be resumed, the agreement automatically shall be deemed terminated by the subscriber, the obligations of the operator are terminated and the client account deleted from the system Beeline.
If you used the "deferred payment" and your account remained a debt, before you disable home Internet Beeline in the described way, repay the debt in full.