Carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract (or agreement) which was entered into with the cable TV connection.
Call the office of the company, which is engaged in cable TV connection and inform the Manager that you intend to abandon this type of service. In some companies, terminate the services directly on the phone.
Go to the website of the company, which is engaged in cable TV connection and download the special form from the waiver cable television. In this form fill all mandatory fields (this surname, name and patronymic of the person to which the contract has been issued cable TV, address), if necessary, enter the reason for the refusal.
Visit the office of the company, which is the direct person to provide the service connection and securing of cable television and write the Declaration of abandonment of use of cable television. Register the application in the journal of incoming documents.
At the expiration of three working days after submitting an application on refusal from receiving cable television services, check whether service has been suspended (in order to avoid penalties for non-payment).
Pay all related costs, which were incurred by the operator (i.e. a company which provides services of cable TV). Write a statement about refusing to use data services, disconnect from cable television will be made no later than one business day of receipt and registration of this announcement.