You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the contract for the provision of services;
  • - a plastic card.
The option "Mobile banking" is paid. If you are not satisfied or this service is you do not need, you can refuse it. Off from "Mobile banking" is based on the application of the owner of the card (within 3 business days from the date of registration of the application).
Go to any branch of the savings Bank of Russia in order to write a statement. Present your passport and the contract on registration of a plastic card or the card itself. After the service is shut off, your phone will receive a message confirming deactivation of the service.
Another way to disable the service "Mobile banking" is the message on the phone service of the savings Bank. In Moscow is +7(495)788-92-72 and +7(495)500-00-05. These phones work around the clock. Call one of these numbers and explain the purpose of your call. Then provide all pertinent information, and follow the operator's instructions. Service "Mobile Bank" will be turned off within 3 working days.
Weigh the pros and cons, deciding to dispense with the services "Mobile Bank". In addition to the detail accounts (which, of course, can be done at the ATM, but it's not always convenient), this option can alert you about unauthorized access to your card. For example, if you will receive an sms that made the withdrawal of funds from your account, and you nothing to produce, is a sign that your card got fraud. If you do not have connected to the service, you will not be able to learn about the theft of money. Do not forget that the timely blocking of the card in such a situation not only warn of further withdrawals by scammers, but also give law enforcement the ability to detain criminals in hot pursuit.