To disable mobile Bank, Sberbank online through your personal account, click on the link you will find below and log on to the website using your personal login and password. Confirm your identity by entering a verification code that will be automatically sent to you in the form of SMS messages. In the personal Cabinet, go to settings by clicking on the cog in the top right of the page.
Click "Mobile Bank" and review the information about the service. Below you will see a list of commands to perform various operations. Disable mobile Bank of the savings Bank you can use commands such as BLOKIROVKI, BLOKIROVKAUSLUG, BLOCKSERVICE or 04, one of which you need to type in the text of the SMS messages on your mobile phone. After a space add the last four digits of your card number, for example 1234.
Send a message to a short number 900, after which you will receive a notification that the mobile banking was successfully disabled. If you need to reactivate it, repeat the previous steps, but the command in the request body must be in the form of RAZBLOKIROVKI, RASBLOKIROVKAUSLUG, UNBLOCKSERVICE or 05.
Scroll the page with the description of services in a private office down and you will see other ways of disabling it. For example, you can call a toll-free Russian number 8 (800) 555-55-50 or Moscow +7 (495) 555-55-50 and ask the operator to disable mobile Bank manually. Also you can contact online support by using the functions "a letter to the Bank" and "Help online".
If you have multiple active cards linked to the same mobile number, or you want to disable mobile Bank forever, you should contact the nearest branch of the savings Bank and write an application for disconnection of service according to the provided sample. You will also need to provide a passport of the card holder and to inform the employee of the Bank is your personal code word.
You can also disable mobile banking through any ATM of Sberbank in the section "Services" or simply not to use the card for an extended period of time, which will result in an automatic lock services.