You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Sberbank online;
  • - code word;
  • - the passport.
Motives in order to disable the automatic payment service can be very diverse. But regardless of them there are five ways to do it: via Mobile banking, over the Internet in Sberbank online, via the operator's telephone Contact center, through the terminal or branch of Sberbank.
Shutdown by SMS suitable for those who have active auto-recharge a mobile. To disable the automatic payment service through Mobile banking send to number 900 SMS read: "AUTOPAYMENT(hyphen)9*********1234". The asterisks indicate the telephone number, and 1234 is the last four digits of the Bank card with which to make the cancellation. If you have a single payment on the phone with single card, you can send the message "automatic payment" without further detail. If the operation is successful, you will receive an SMS confirming the deactivation of the service.
To disable services via the Internet log into your personal account Sberbank online. Go to "Payments and transfers", the tab "My payments"-"Management". On the contrary unnecessary services will choose the action "Disable". Will only confirm the disabling of the automatic payment service through SMS.
Another remote way to turn off auto payment by phone contact the savings center 8(800)555-55-50. Wait for the operator's response and notify the necessary data. In particular, the code word and the service parameters that you want to disable.
Disabling via ATMs and terminals of Sberbank it is possible if they are possible to control services. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the pin and select "disable the Autopayment". It remains to follow the instructions of the terminal. Upon successful completion of the transaction the ATM will give you a receipt indicating that the auto payment is disabled.
Finally, the traditional method of disconnection involves a personal visit to the Bank branch. Bring your passport and inform the operator you wish to turn off AutoPay.