You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application for disconnection of Mobile Bank;
  • - the mobile phone.
The Mobile banking can be disabled, and block. Last option is suitable for those who have lost a card or attached to her mobile phone. To lock the service should send an SMS to number 900 with the phrase "Lock services". In case successful, will receive a reply SMS stating that the service is no longer available. Note that when you lock the subscription fee for mobile banking will continue to apply.
In order to completely abandon the Mobile Bank, you must come to the branch Bank and fill out a written statement which will give the Bank employee. You need to have a passport and a Bank card. The service will be disconnected within three days, you will be notified by SMS.
You can specify the ability to disable Mobile Bank support phone number 8(800)5555550. You will need the card number, name, and code word. This possibility is not provided for all plastic cards, this aspect should be further clarified over the phone.
Some ATMs of Sberbank possible to control the connected services, particularly disabling them. For this you need to insert the card into the ATM and enter your pin. Mobile power Bank automatically turns off at the completion of the contract to service the card or when the lock on the initiative of the Bank.