The ability to connect mobile Bank of the savings Bank via the Internet is available only for those who already is a client of this organization is the bearer of personal credit card or account holder. The service "Mobile banking" is available in two packages – the "full" and "economical". When connecting the package "Economical" you will not receive notifications about ongoing Bank operations. The "complete" package provides access to the more subtle settings of the account, but provides for a monthly fee.
Each client wishing to connect mobile banking, you must first visit one of the nearby offices of the savings Bank and issue a client card Visa or MasterCard. After receiving at the hands of the Bank card (immediately or within a few working days) and signing of the customer agreement, you will be prompted to connect additional services, including mobile banking. It can be done right in the office with one of the employees, or yourself, observing instructions.
To connect the mobile Bank of the savings Bank via the Internet you will need a smartphone or tablet. App Mobile Bank is available for all modern platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile through a special download service content (e.g., App Store or Play Market). Also the ability to download the appropriate version of the application available on the official website of Sberbank.
Activate the mobile banking to start using it fully. To do this, simply call the centre on work with clients of Sberbank by number 8-800-200-37-47, or 8-495-788-92-72, or 8-495-500-00-05. Confirm at the request of the operator of your passport details, name last digits of your card and your personal code word obtained in the process of signing the client agreement. Notify us of your desire to connect mobile Bank Sberbank. Once the procedure is completed, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone.