To abandon the "Mobile Bankand" you can still apply for the card. It's enough to put the appropriate checkbox in the application. If you missed this item, do not worry. The first month of service is free, and if you manage to disable it within 30 days of receipt of the card, you will not lose anything.
Contact branch of SBERBank. While it is not necessary to go to the branch where you placed your map. To apply for disconnection of service "Mobile Bank" it is necessary to have the passport and the contract registration card or the card itself. Service must be disconnected within 3 working days. Your phone will receive a notification.
Call one of the telephone numbers of customer service SBERBank. Accommodation in Moscow: +7(495)500-00-05, +7(495)788-92-72. Call the numbers listed you can at any time service is available. Please note, the call should be made from that number, for which the "Mobile Bank". The operator can update your passport details, card number or contract number. The service will also be disconnected within 3 working days, and you will receive a notification linked to the card number.
Use the terminal SBERBank. To do this simply insert the card into the terminal and go to the corresponding menu item: "Disable Mobile Bank". Follow the instruction on the screen and wait until your application is accepted. Within 3 working days your phone will receive a message indicating the successful disabling of services.