To activate the service in several ways. If you already have a card of Sberbank without a connected additional services, you need to come to any Bank branch with your passport and card. If you need more advanced functionality services, refer to the passport to the operator in the window with an electronic queue and writing a statement.
You can also contact the consultant in the hall working with terminals. Inserting the card into the ATM, the Bank employee can activate the service via a special menu. Then he will request the customer's identification code (ID) and password. The ATM will give them in the form of a check, which in addition to the ID (also called username) and password will be 20 temporary password to enter the system Sberbank online. Temporary passwords are also needed to confirm your financial transactions. When temporary passwords will end, they will need to contact the office in the same way.
The log in to the online system with your mobile phone. To do this, he must be bound to a Bank card. This can be done either immediately when you connect the card, or visiting any branch with your passport and card. You will then be able to enter and carry out financial transactions, confirming their code in the SMS sent from number 900.
A more expeditious method of service activation is possible only if your map is the connected service "Mobile Bank". You will need to send an SMS with the last five digits of your card number (16, 17, 18-digit number in the middle) to a special number service of Sberbank 900. In response you will receive an SMS with the access password to your page. Plus, we need to know the user ID. Call the free hot line of Sberbank -8 (800) 555 5550. The operator on the line will ask for your name and code word, which you received at connection of the Bank card. He will then report your user ID.