You will need
  • phone;
  • - the funds.
Lock service "mobile Bank" occurs in two ways. The first is that you have to send with a mobile operator number that you reported when making credit card, to number 900 SMS message with the text "Lock services", and then, you receive a confirmation message the requested operation Usligi mobilnogo banka ZABLOKIROVANY. Also it is allowed to send the following text BLOKIROVKAUSLUG, BLOKIROVKAUSLUGI, BLOKSERVICE AND "04". Remember that the monthly fee is still removed. The second option, blocking occurs automatically when you run out funds to pay for the service. In this case, the date of removal of charges to you comes SMS-the message that it is locked - Mobile bank: karta MASTER1234 zablokirovana. Mobila zablokirovan bank po kartam MASTER1234, MASTER4321 .
Unlocking is only possible for each card separately. In the case of blocking services on your initiative to unlock send a text message from the same number that you originally lock to 900 with the text "UNLOCK SERVICES N..N k" where N..N is the last four digits of your card number. You can also send an SMS message with the following content: "UNLOCK SERVICES", RAZBLOKIROVKAUSLUGI, RAZBLOKIROVKAUSLUG, UNBLOCKSERVICE, "05". Text and numerical information on the map can be separated by " ","-",".","#". In return you will receive a text message from the Bank confirming the unlock, for example, MASTER1234:ON.
In the case of blocking of the service "mobile banking" in the absence of the required amount, the unlock will happen automatically as soon as the account receives money. You will receive a message stating that the service unlocked.