As part of these services, the savings Bank sends in real time on your mobile phone client information on the performed with the Bank card operations. This information comes in the form of SMS short text messages. The holder of a credit card can block it from your mobile phone, to receive on request information on transactions, available limit of the card. The Bank requests are sent in form of SMS.
You can block or unblock services of mobile Bank at will. In addition, if you have lost your mobile phone, you can block services, in order to exclude the possibility of obtaining information on your card/cards of third parties. It is necessary to request the service of SBERBank of Russia. And to lock the sim card, you should contact the mobile operator whose sim card was in the phone.
The Bank may also block the service in case if you have on the account are not sufficient to pay for mobile Bank funds. And if payment for the card account is done on several phones, services will be blocked for all phones. Sberbank in fact lock mobile Bank will send to every device by SMS. Unlock services will occur automatically as soon as they are paid. In this case, upon resumption of services SMS will come to all mobile phones.
In that case, if you wish to opt out of receiving services of the mobile Bank, you as the primary card holder must apply to the division of the SavingsBank of Russia at the place of conducting the account of your primary card and fill out an application.
If your card account, which is currently provided mobile services of the Bank, will be closed, the savings Bank will automatically disable services without execution of your application.