You will need
  • - the Bank card of the savings Bank;
  • - passport of the card holder;
  • - application for service connection.
Before you can connect the mobile Bank of the savings Bank via the phone, you need to become a full client of the organization and to choose suitable package. Currently, the service "Mobile banking" provides the ability to connect two types of packages – "full" and "economical". "Economical" does not have the function of notification by the operations in the card account. However, this package does not provide for subscription fees, unlike "full".
Visit one of the offices and fill in a client card of any payment system (Visa or MasterCard). Once you get your hands on a credit card (it may take a few days) and the client contract, write an application to connect service "Mobile Bank of the savings Bank," which specify the number of your mobile phone. After some time you will receive notification of successful connection to the service.
Download and install on the phone app mobile Bank Sberbank. There are several varieties of applications that are suitable for a variety of platforms – iOS, Android, Java etc. You can download the appropriate version directly from the official website of Sberbank.
If at the time the need arises to connect the mobile Bank Sberbank you are already a customer of the organization, simply call customer support number 8 800 200 37 47, 8 495 788 92 72 8 495 500 00 05. The operator will ask for your passport details, as well as the last digits of the card number and the code word that was given to you upon signing our client agreement. After confirmation of the report that you wish to connect mobile Bank of the savings Bank through the phone. Expect further notification of service activation.
Use any of the payment terminal to the Bank institution to connect the mobile Bank Sberbank. Insert your card into the ATM and select the appropriate operation from the main menu.