How to block Mobile banking if my phone was stolen

Mobile services allows you to conduct banking transactions, pay fines and services with a cell phone and it cannot be denied that to use this feature very convenient. But suddenly she got into trouble – "planted" the phone with the "SIM" related to "Mobile Bank", or worse, you stole it. In this situation we have to act immediately in order to eliminate the possibility of leakage of information through your Bank card to third parties. Immediately contact the Call centre on one of the numbers: 8 800 555 5550 (free), 495 7 500 5550 asking about disabling services. Be prepared to call Center operator the card number and the code word obtained when making. Will call your mobile operator to block your mobile phone number.

To deactivate the service through SMS

To refuse service in different ways. The public around the clock and anywhere the ability to disable Mobile Bank through SMS. The indispensable and sufficient condition for this action is the availability of cellular communication.

The universal room from Sberbank "900" send a text to the following: "Blokirovka(s)" or "Blokirovkauslug" or "Blockserrvice" or "04". Note – words are written without space. If a positive result from the administration of the Bank will receive the message: "the Mobile Bank service is blocked". But keep in mind − lock partial. What does it mean? On your device you will not receive requests, notices from the Bank, the monthly payment for a mobile service is maintained.

Not willing to part with the service, but the full functionality of the service, you do not need. Why pay money for what you do not use when you can reduce the activity of a mobile resource, going from a paid package for free "Economy." It does not have an office to run, headlong, just the number "900" send SMS "EKONOMIKAKH", where X is the last four digits of the card. Get the code, send it back by post – rate will be changed instantly. The whole procedure will take 2-3 minutes.

For tariff "Economy" you do not make a penny, still have to manage your accounts from your phone. The only will not receive messages about the movement of money on the card. Information on banking transactions and card balance are available on request. Alert pay 5 to 15 cents per one message.

Block "Mobile banking" from Sberbank

Want to completely abandon the service "Mobile Bank"? Then we have a little warning in advance − visit any branch of Sberbank personally, taking the contract of registration of a credit card, and, of course, passport. In the office, legibly and accurately fill out the standard application and leave it for consideration. Patience – three days later, no later, the service will be blocked will notify by SMS message.