Timecard allows to take into account the working hours and the established mode of work, log hours worked, calculate wages and prepare statistical reports to statistics agencies.
The table is made in a single copy. It must be signed by the Department Manager and the senior personnel officers and attributed to the accounting Department.
Position the timekeeper, with companies removed from the rational to include additional employee. Fills out time sheet - human resources specialist, accountant, or head of structural unit. This duty, in addition to basic, fixed order and instructions of the post.
The report card is in for the entire month. Form T-12 and T-13 do not differ much from one another. At the end of the month to indicate the total number of hours worked by each employee. Total hours are calculated for first and second half of a working month.
Rules for filling in the report cards allow you to set the appearance or absence for each day and month in the appropriate cell. Allowed to note only deviations to the work schedule, that is, the absence or tardiness. If deviations from the working timetable is made, it is possible to down only the summary data for the first and second half of the month.
In column 4 and in column 6, in the top row are stamped with a letter designation working time – attendance, absence, vacation, business trip and so on. The bottom line – the number of hours on them. If working hours were not – stamped zero. For weekends and holidays, in the top row, the letter "b" and the bottom line - a dash or zero. To put a particular letter in the table must have a good reason. If the document about the absence of an employee not then appear failure to appear for unclear reasons – NN.
At the end of the month, in the second line, columns 4 and 6 add the numbers and enter the result in column 5 for the first half of the month, in column 7 for the second half of the month, and in columns 8 and 13 the total amount.
Separately calculate the number of spaces, and mark them in columns 14 and 16. In column 15 specify the numeric code of the gaps. Rooms have digital code on the title page.
Calculate the amount of days off each employee. Enter in column 17.