Decide for yourself: will you write it yourself or use a professional interpreter? Many programs translators on the Internet do not account for all the grammatical and phonetic peculiarities of the Ukrainian language.
If you do decide to write it yourself, please be necessary material: a Russian-Ukrainian dictionary lexical, phonetic and grammatical dictionary of the Ukrainian language, electronic or printed tutorial, etc.
Make a letter or a document in Russian, read it carefully, evaluate the logical presentation of ideas, then proceed to the translation into the Ukrainian language.
Note that in the Ukrainian language have different word order. For example, the particle "Chi" (in Russian "it") must come first in the interrogative sentence.
The letter carefully watch for use of case forms. In particular, the genitive masculine and neuter in the Ukrainian language has a different form of the ending: in some cases, spell the end of "a" and the other "u". If you have difficulty in writing, consult a spelling dictionary of the Ukrainian language.
Pay attention to the difference between the kinds of nouns in Russian and Ukrainian languages. For example, in Ukrainian language the word "person" is feminine corresponds to the Russian word "man" is masculine. Because of this especially in the Ukrainian context can completely change the word order.
Follow the correct use of Russian polysemantic words. Each value of the Russian polysemantic words in the Ukrainian language translates as an independent word with its specific meaning. In this case, it is advisable to use the explanatory dictionary of the Ukrainian language.
Keep in mind when writing that some Russian words are impossible to translate one word of Ukrainian, it is necessary to use the phrase (a participle "flying" translates into Ukrainian as "the scho to letit").