Develop your vocabulary. The introduction of the words in the active vocabulary – the success of games with anagrams. Obviously, if you don't know the word, then fold it you can't. Read the new texts, learn new words, even a little, but daily. It is important and visual memorization of words, but no less important is the ability to timely recall.
Regular practice in making words. Do not worry due to the initial failures. The brain gradually 'accustomed' to this operation, trains, and the words turn easier and easier. Trained glance he starts to see, literally to snatch the familiar words from the letter anagrams.
Try to match the syllables, looking at a set of letters. Match the letter selections on the principle of alternating "vowel-consonant" and Vice versa. Possibly, the syllable will remind you of the word familiar, will call the Association.
Focus first on simple, one and two syllables words. At first they will be given work. But with exercise and you will not notice as you start to add more complicated, big words. That is a method "from simple to complex" applies in this kind of games.
Try and other equipment. Look at the anagram completely in 10-15 seconds, turning off every thought process. Just think of the letters. It happens that they seem to develop themselves into words. But, in fact, it is the job of the brain: it seeks to organize and make sense of any vague and incomplete object. Here the main role, once again playing your active vocabulary and exercise. If still does not work, train selection method.
Note the time during which your attention is active and productive you are in making words. If after 3 or 5 minutes you are stopped and can't think of more than one word, take a break and relax, or change the game.