Divide the distance given in miles, 1,609344, as in every British or American mile contains 1 mile of 609 meters 34 centimeters and 40 millimeters. For example, the distance of 150 miles meets 241,4016 km.
If you need to convert to kilometers number of miles a non-circular computation "in mind" can be replaced with a calculator. If you have access to a computer, use the built-in Windows operating system by the application of this kind. To access it, press the Windows key and start typing the word calculator. The OS will guess what you want, and after the second letter on the top line with the results of her meditations link will appear on your desired program. Press Enter and the system will run this application.
Clicking on the buttons in the calculator interface or by pressing the appropriate keys, enter the distance in miles, press with a forward slash - "slash" - type 1,609344. Then press Enter and see the result of the conversion of miles to kilometers.
To perform calculations of the previous step in modern versions of this calculator is not necessary - it is built-in currency Converter, which provides and transfer miles to kilometers. To use the Converter, press Ctrl + U or select the "unit Conversion" under "View" menu of the calculator.
Fields for entering values of the Converter are placed on the additional panel. Select in the top drop-down list of this panel, the string "Length", in the same list in the lower part set to "Kilometers", and arranged between the set value of "Mile". Then enter the initial number in the box below with a short inscription "From". The result of the conversion you will see in the field with the even more concise "b"designation.