How many one meter to inches

And meter, and the centimeter are units the accepted International system of units (SI). The meters measure length and distance. The meter can be called the conventional unit of measurement in the XVIII century its length was defined as 1⁄40 000 000 of the length of the Paris Meridian. The modern official definition of the meter States that it is the distance that light travels in vacuum in a very small fraction of a second is 1/299 792 458 part.

But a centimeter is a decimal fraction of the value attached to the meter. Decimal fraction units are those which are obtained by dividing the "main" units in certain parts (fractions). For example, the prefix "deci-" in "decimeter" or "deciliter" means that we are talking about tenth of meters, or liters, respectively. A "centi-" says that this is one hundredth of the initial value.

Knowing that means the prefix "centi-", it is easy to guess that a centimeter is one hundredth of a metre. So, in one meter how many centimeters? Exactly 100.

Translation of meters to centimeters – examples

If the conditions of the problem need to bring all the linear size (width, length, height, growth, and so on) to the same value, to convert from meters to centimeters, it is necessary to multiply the meter value by 100. One hundred is a round number, so the multiplication process will be simple and fast.

  • Example 1. Fence height is 2 metres, calculate the height of the fence in inches. In order to multiply by 100 the integer, just to add to it two zeros. So the result is that the height of the fence equals 2х100 = 200 centimeters.
  • Example 2. Growth washi – 1.35 meters. How much will it be in centimeters? If we multiply by 100 the decimal, it is necessary to move the point separating the integer part from the decimal, two digits to the right – this will be the result of the multiplication by one hundred. Therefore, if the growth washi translate from meters to centimeters, we will receive 135 cm.
  • Example 3. Snail the day crawled a distance of 5 meters and 8 centimeters. How many centimeters crawled the snail? Multiply the number of meters by 100 – the result of 500, 500+8 = 508. So, the route of the snails had a length of 508 centimeters.

How to convert centimeters to meters

In order to convert centimeters to meters, will no longer multiply, and divide the original value by 100. It is also easy to do in such cases in whole numbers the last two digits separated by a decimal point, the decimal point is transferred to the left.

  • Example 1. The length of the bar is 120 centimeters. This is how many meters? Detachable last two digits decimal point, we get 1.20. If a decimal ends in zero – they can simply be discarded. Total the result is that 120 centimeters is 1.2 meters.
  • Example 2. Ceiling height in the apartment – 308.5 inches, convert this value to meters. Move the point two digits to the right, resulting 3.085 meters.
  • Example 3. The length of the tail in cats Muska – 19 inches. Translate from centimeters to meters. For this, separate the last two characters before the comma and writing a zero turns of 0.19 m, and the zero point 19 hundredths. Obviously, we had to get a result less than unity, since one meter 100 centimeters, and the tail Muska is much shorter.

Thus, to translate the meters to centimeters is not much more difficult than to translate centimeters to meters. It is important not to forget that a meter is 100 centimeters, and bringing the linear quantities to the same units of measurement will never be a problem.