You will need
  • access to the Internet.
Proper operation of all these devices is provided by the drivers. To search for and install software that allows you to manipulate a web camera in a laptop, visit the website
Open the link "Support" button and wait for a new page. In the first column, select "Laptop" or "Netbook". Now select the product line and click on the model name of your laptop.
Carefully review the list of drivers available for download. Select the files that belong to the category of Camera. Download a set of files. Most likely, the downloaded information will be presented in the form of the installer program.
Open the directory in which your browser executes the save files. Run the downloaded program and follow the step by step menu. Activate work web-camera. To do this, press the desired keys. In laptops, generally you should press the button Fn and F2.
If you need to manually update the files to work with the camera, use the menu "device Manager". To access it, select the homonymous item, opening the properties menu of "Computer".
After creating a list of available equipment click the right mouse button on the name of the web-camera. Select "Update driver software". Select the manual installation method files.
In the new menu click "Browse" and navigate to the directory where you saved the drivers you downloaded. Click "Update".
Activate the camera. To do this, again click on its name and select 'Activate'.
Install the program needed to work with web camera. Run it and configure the settings of the device. Adjust yourself or select one of the available modes.