Advice 1: How to determine the safe number of workers

The employees may be permanent, seasonal and temporary. Thus recruiting the number of employees implies the number of required depending on the number of working places and the time the productive activities of each.
How to determine the safe number of workers
Use the formula for calculating the de-facto population(x XB) NR,where R is the number of working places in the company; Ol is a time of work of the organization for a certain period (e.g. per year); HP — the indicator of norm of work per worker during period of time.
Calculate the payroll number of employees on the basis of previous calculations of the de-facto population(T*I) : D,where I is recruiting number of employees; T is the number of working days in the analyzed period, excluding weekends and public holidays; D — working days except holidays and days in mind the possible non-attendance of employees for other ASM or valid reasons, for example, in connection with a training session or illness.
Please note that payroll should include all workers who were accepted for temporary, permanent or seasonal work for a period of one day or more, counting from the date of crediting them to work. While the payroll numbers count with all the actually working people, the missing, and those individuals who work under agreements of civil legal nature.
Determine the average number of employees of the company for a specific period by summing the index of payroll per calendar day for the period including non-working. Then divide the resulting amount by the number of calendar days in the reporting period. A similar calculation can be performed with the use of normative and actual working time.
Calculate staffing requirements. To do this, determine the number of main workers, then support staff and then administrative and management staff. With the help of this approach, you will be able to explain the role of workers of mass professions that are mainly the amount of work required in the organization.

Advice 2: How to determine staffing requirements

Calculation of requirement for staff it is necessary to determine the number of vacancies in the company. This figure serves to further expand the organizational structure. The method of its calculation was developed approximately in 1970-1980 to determine standards of the population in sectors of the economy.
How to determine staffing requirements
You will need
  • - staffing;
  • calendar;
  • calculator;
  • - normative act of the 1970s and 1980s;
  • - personnel documents.
The most effective to apply the method of determining of standards of number of employees, defining the average number of employees. Make a table. In the first column shall describe the number of the month, in the second - specify the number of specialists, executed by the company, for each day of a given month.
Note that the average number of staff includes all the employees working under labor contracts, workers, who are mostly on vacation, business trip or sick leave. No need to include professionals who work under civil law contracts, women who are on leave for child care or maternity leave, as well as the staff who wrote the application on dismissal.
Calculate the average monthly number of staff. To do this, add up the number of employees for each day of the month. Then divide the result by 30 (the average number of calendar days in the month).
Repeat the above procedure for each month of the past year, that is for the period January-December. Add the results and divide 12 (number of months in a year). Thus, you find the average number of staff.
Determine monthly production volume. For this amount of money, which was made of products (items), for each month of the calendar year, add together and divide by 12.
Determine the standard number of personnel. Use the indicator that was set at the prices 70го years of the 20th century. Currently, the government has not developed such standards. Although each sector of the economy needs to be developed figure, taking into account inflation.
But in the method of determining the need for staff provided the inflation rate. In practice, it is possible to take a value of 50. This corrective measure is necessary in order to correct the result obtained at the fixed rate of the ruble on the world market.
Multiply the average number of staff the volume of production in millions of rubles, and the correction factor. Thus, you get needs of the staff.
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