Select to analyze the efficiency of using the primary tool (or group) and evaluation parameters. The use of machine shop possible to estimate at what time or on volume of product produced, the use of trucks by the number of ton - kilometers transported cargo, etc. Suppose you want to calculate the rate of use of the equipment of a textile plant for a month at the time of their work. In the shop ten machines, the staff works in two shifts of twelve hours.
You determine the planned Fund of working time over the period given the set mode. For its calculation we can use the production table calendar, if the company operates on a five-day working week. If the production set shifts, the planned Fund of working time is calculated on the basis of approved schedules of shifts. In this example, the planned loading one machine at a time for a month will be equal to: 30 days at 24 hours = 720 hours.
Determine the number of hours of actual work looms in the shop for a period. To do this you need the data in the timesheet. Find the total number of hours worked by the staff of the shop. Let a month the workers of the weaving factory had worked out 6 800 man-hours, which corresponds to the actual time of machines.
Calculate the rate of use of equipment of the weaving factory according to the formula Ki= (FR/S)/FP, where:FR is the actual number of hours worked by all machines, hours - the number of machines in the shop, pieces,Op - planned Fund of working time, hours. In this example, the coefficient of usage of equipment will be equal to: 6 800/10/720= 0,94. Consequently, the machines of a textile plant for the month was used on 94%. The remaining 6% is his downtime. Similarly, you can calculate the rate of use of any asset (or groups) over specific period.