Advice 1: What companies are small, medium, large

There are different ways of classifying of enterprises, They are divided into certain types, including, depending on the number of employees. According to this criterion the enterprises are divided into small, medium and large.
What companies are small, medium, large

Small businesses

The main indicator which allows to recognize the small enterprise — number of employees for a specific period of time. Also important criteria such as the value of its assets, the amount of the share capital and the annual turnover.

In Russia small business is a commercial organization in the authorized capital of which the share of participation of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, charitable and other funds, as well as religious and public organizations not exceeding 25 percent. In addition, the share that belongs to several legal entities or one legal. person also must not be more than 25 percent.

The number of employees for a certain period should not be above the standard set in a particular area. If it is construction, industrial or transportation - number of employees of small enterprises cannot exceed 100 people. If it is a wholesale — not more than 50 persons, if consumer services or retail trade — no more than 30 people, if any other activities - no more than 50 people.

Medium-sized enterprises

Definition of small and medium businesses around the world are close enough. What they summarize is the economic entities that do not exceed specific indicator on number of employees, amount of gross assets and turnover. Medium-sized enterprises are also eligible for simplified reporting. In order to understand the scope of the number of workers because it is this criterion that is often important - is to consider a few examples.

If you take a consultancy or research Agency can be attributed to medium-sized company when the number of its employees ranges from 15 to 50. If we talk about travel companies, medium-sized enterprises can be attributed, when the number of its employees will be in the range from 25 to 75. The average print media will be the editor of a number of employees not exceeding 100. In the same way as in relation to small enterprises, medium enterprises are considered from the turnover and market share that they occupy.

Large enterprises

Large called the company, which produces a significant proportion of the total merchantable volume of any industry. Also it is characterized by the number of employed in the work of the people, assets, and sales. To include company to a large business, you need to take into account the territorial, sectoral and state-specific. For example, for engineering the main factors are the production volumes, the number of workers and cost of fixed assets. If you take agriculture, you can focus only on the number of livestock or area of land.

Advice 2 : How to determine a small business

When starting one's own enterprise's future leaders don't know what criteria you can define a small enterprisethat has a number of advantages in comparison with medium and large.
How to determine a small business
You will need
  • -data on the revenue of the company for the calendar year;
  • -information about number of employees.
As the law States, small enterprises are commercial organizations, in which capital the share of participation of religious and charitable organizations, public associations and other bodies of the Russian Federation does not exceed twenty-five percent of the share that belongs to a person who is not a small business entity, also does not exceed twenty-five percent.
To determine whether the company is small, check the data on the earnings of the company from the sale of goods and services for the previous calendar year for small businesses, this indicator should not exceed 400 million rubles.
Also find out the number of employees. A condition limiting the number of workers in the attribution of businesses to a particular class depends on its scope.
So, if the scope of your activities - small business, your company must meet the following criteria (the number of employees is calculated as an average per calendar year):- if the company belongs to the transportation, industrial or construction industry, the staffing shall not exceed one hundred persons; - if the company belongs to scientific, technical, or the agricultural sector – it may not work more than sixty people;- if the enterprise belongs to the field of wholesale trade number of employees should not be more than fifty people;- if the scope of the company includes the retail trade and household service of the population – it should work not more than thirty persons;- if the company specializiruetsya in other areas and conducts other activities – a state shall not exceed fifty people.
Also, if possible, find out the percentage of firm's working capital relative to its main Fund. Small businesses, the ratio is much higher, than big: it usually is about 20:80 to 80, small:20 large.
Also find out whether the inherited enterprise relatives of the owner. If so, most likely, it is a small enterprise, as in the case with medium and large business, this is very rare.
Small businesses is not a legal form, not view, like joint lease, etc., and size. The concept of a small enterprise can be attributed to any kind of enterprises for example small private or small public company.
Useful advice
If the company diversified, that is, carries out several activities. Find out the area that brings the greatest annual income, it is determined by the size of the enterprise.
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