You will need
  • - accounting of output per unit of time;
  • calculator.
To determine the average daily throughput, the quantity surveyor needs to calculate averages. To calculate the average for one day of accounting is very difficult, therefore make the calculation of products in one month. Add up all the figures for the development of the brigade or replaceable composition, producing the same products for one month of work. The result, divide by the number of working days for which the product is produced and on the number of staff or crew shifts. The result will be the average daily production, which is expected to release the employee for one shift of work.
To calculate the average hourly production divide the daily average amount of output per worker the number of working hours per shift. The result will be equal to the productivity per unit of working time.
If you need to calculate production in a calendar year, multiply the average daily production number in one month by 12 and divide by the number of employees in the team or shift.
To calculate output per worker add up all the number of products in one month, divide by the number of working days. This will be the norm, the average daily per employee. If you divide the total average monthly figure by the number of working hours per month, you get an average hourly output.
If you are going to put all employees on salary or hourly wage rates for labor of production, the calculation produce not one employee, and on average the brigade or replacement staff. The calculation of output per employee can be a plan that will not be able to do the other or Vice versa will produce several times more output that will affect the cost of the labor.