You will need
  • - data on the number of employees;
  • - dates of birth of all employees.
Calculate the total age of the employees. Data about how old we are, we can take in HR, in accounting or record Keeper, depending on the size of the enterprise. If the firm is small, it is possible the age of each employee to calculate separately, and then all the data are folded using a calculator or even in a column on a piece of paper.
If the company is large and employees a lot, break team into groups according to age. Most likely, in the personnel Department or in accounting there is a complete list of employees with years of birth. Copy the table, put it into Excel and sort by age. Calculate the total age of each group by multiplying the age of the participants at their number. Calculate the total age of the whole team, to put the results of all groups.
Divide total age by number of employees. Don't be surprised if will be not an integer and a fraction. As it should be. Age can be approximated. If you are preparing a presentation or something like a "passport" you can say something like: "the Average age of employees of our company — 29 years."
In exactly the same way we can calculate the average age of the villagers and even small towns. The necessary statistical data can be taken from the results of the last census.