The completed volumes of work necessary to produce finished construction elements and type of works. Be sure to follow the sequence of counting to use the result in determining the outcome of subsequent calculations. There is a certain sequence, due to this specifics.
According to the aforesaid specifics, first computed the openings in external walls – doors, Windows, gates, then the openings in the inner rooms of the building – doors, transoms, gates. Then consider the Foundation performed excavation works works for the construction of the framing, walls, partitions, floors, ceilings, coatings and roofing. In conclusion, smachivaetsya stairs, porch, works for interior and exterior decoration, other construction and repair works.
In determining the construction volume of the building, you should note that it does not include the volume driveways, porches, open and covered balconies, but includes the volume of loggias, recesses, Bay Windows, verandas and skylights. The attic room intended for technical purposes are also not counted in the total volume of the building, but a roof space should be taken into account.
For the calculation of volumes of construction works , use the project data given the classification of soils, steepness of slopes and depth of the Foundation base, according to SNiP IV–2–82, SNiP III, vol. 9, div. B, chap 1. The depth of the pit or trench dug for the manufacture of Foundation walls, take design marks from the soles to the point that existed at the beginning of the excavation works. It's called "black marker". "Red" - called planning level.
Prefabricated structures, calculation of their volumes is complicated by the fact that unit prices do not include the cost of the designs, they included only the cost of complex works on installation. The estimate is usually provided for two positions – definition of the cost of installation works of unit prices and at current prices on the design. Complicates the calculation using different units of measurement – in the first case, the units construction, and wholesale prices are determined usually 1 square meter or 1 cubic meter of concrete.