You will need
  • Financial statements
The volume of sold products are calculated in physical or value (monetary) terms. All information necessary for analysis can be taken from accounting or statistical reports of enterprises.
Implemented products in real terms is how many units of parts produced in the shop, how many meters of curtains sewed garment factory or how many square meters of housing was built by a construction company. The main difficulty of calculating the volume of sold production in volume terms is inhomogeneous range.
Indeed, if the factory only produces one type of product, the calculation of the volume of sold products is reduced to the calculation of units sold in each period. Much more difficult if the company produces the most diverse products. In this case, a calculation of the volume of sold products in semi-natural expression.
The calculation of a quasi-natural expression is used for generalization of different types of manufactured products. For example, a bottling plant the soda can produce mineral water, lemonade, iced tea, and each type of drinks in plastic bottles and metal cans of different volumes, etc. Then introduces a conditional indicator, for example, water bottle volume 0,5 l. All other drinks are measured in terms of the conventional bottle.
The volume of sold products can also be calculated in monetary (or monetary) terms. Of sales in value terms is the total volume of productsshipped to customers and paid for in full.
After calculating the volume of sold products it is necessary to compare it with the planned indicators and volume produced products. This analysis will allow you to properly plan resource needs and production rates of products and predict the further pace of sales.