You will need
  • - financial statements.
Calculate the monetary value of two amounts – the amount of finished goods at the beginning of the reporting period and at the time of its completion. To carry out this operation, borrow indicators from accounting, statistical reports maintained by the organization or enterprise to the Committee of statistics of the region where it works.
Find it in monetary terms, the difference between the total amount of production during the reporting period and the balance of produced goods. The result will correspond to the volume of production.
Find the volume of the finished products in physical units. A similar process of calculation is easy to standardize. You should put such values as the number of produced finished goods, the number of the outgoing residues, the number of sales of finished products and residues of finished products at the beginning of the reporting period.
Since the above calculation is relative, for more accurate and relevant value add to revenue from sales of manufactured products calculated above, the difference between total production for the reporting period and the remainder of output.
To obtain the most accurate indicator, index the above-mentioned result by the percentage which reflects the price changes generated during the reporting period products.