Costs that are taken into account in the local estimates, break into four groups: construction and installation works, the cost of tools and equipment, and other costs. Working on the construction documents define the coming volume of work the range and quantity of necessary tools, implements, equipment and furniture. Pick up estimated standards applicable for the current period and consider the market value of the equipment, furniture , inventory and free prices and tariffs for construction and finishing materials.
Determine the type of work that will be composed estimate: special construction works, internal sanitary-technical works, finishing works, internal electrical works, vertical planning, acquisition of tools and equipment, etc. If the object is complex and large, the construction of which is broken on the launch pad complexes of the same type of work can be done a few local schemes.
In each local estimates group the data into sections for separate elements of construction, type of works and devices in accordance with the technological sequence of works. In addition to construction works in sections reflect the work for laying of pipelines, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical installation, instrumentation and automation, acquisition and installation of technological equipment. Allowed the separation of object on the ground and underground part.
Local estimates note direct costs, overhead costs and estimated profit. In direct costs include staff salaries, cost of equipment operation, cost of materials with line-by-line transcript. Overhead costs and estimated profit accrued at the end of the quote, after the final amount of direct costs. For calculation of overheads, use of norms overhead costs provided valid for the current period guidelines.