You will need
  • The formula for calculating complexity:
  • TP= HT/SP, where
  • Tr - complexity,persons hour/RUB
  • KCH - the General Fund of working time, man hours,
  • SP - the volume of production, RUB.
Count the total number of actual time spent main working of the company for the reporting month. For the calculation of the actual working time Fund, you can use primary documents in his keeping (records of the working time used for production shops or areas). Calculate your total man-hours worked per month, the basic working of these sites.
Determine the value of the products manufactured by the company for the month. The arrival of finished products at the planning and accounting prices count on the accounting records. Next, divide the actual hours worked major job in man-hours on the value of output. The resulting figure will be the ratio of the intensity of production. By the same token, calculates scheduled labor-intensive industries (the calculation is based on planned estimates of the number of Fund of working time and volume of finished products), the complexity of certain products, technological complexity.
Analyze the results. The lower the complexity of the work, the higher the productivity of workers. Check how is the production plan for the production of products, identify deviations from planned performance. Consider the effect of individual factors on the growth or decline of productivity in your company (quality of raw materials, semi-finished products, skilled workers, etc.). Make the necessary conclusions.