Use to compile override the acts of the executed works accounting forms KS-2, KS-3, and in some cases KS-6A, as well as the forms provided by the contractor.
Apply before the override information, which contains information about the written off materials expended in the performance of works. It should also be noted what equipment was installed at the facility, and to provide copies of documents of installed equipment. Sometimes it so happens that the contractor attempts to inflate the amount so you should carefully check all the supporting documents.
Start preparing for the compilation of the override for a few weeks before the deadline, ideally start to work on it immediately after the signing the previous one. Make a plan and projects that need to be performed in the current reporting period to prepare the source data.
Visit the facility, check the current status of the work. Remember that for incorrect statements lay the blame on you, not the superintendent or the superintendent. Collect a complete and adequate basis for the compilation of the override.
Fill in the required customer and contractor forms to override. For the cost estimates or make the distribution of information on volumes of close work. Show the amount of work the technical supervision, which should be representative for the object and indicate the points that are specified in the override. Will receive from tüv confirmation of a writ of execution of these volumes.
Close all orders. Tell the contractor the certificate obtained in the technical supervision of performed works, which confirms the data override. The last step will be reporting to the customer. It is necessary to fully prove the amount of work done, otherwise he may refuse to sign written override.