You will need
  • - earrings;
  • - boric alcohol or hydrogen peroxide;
  • - cotton swabs.
Decide where you want to pierce it. Most often, the lobe is pierced closer to the face, not in the mid: the earrings look so interesting. But perhaps you have a different opinion. Ask a nurse green paint dot in the selected field and see if it will suit you.
Wash hair before the procedure to protect the puncture site from getting dust and dirt from the hair. But when the ears are already pierced, avoid shampooing for a while. Pool, swimming in the river is also prohibited. Follow the cleanliness of the linens, especially pillowcases, change it every day. And, if possible, do not use the phone, because the dust and microbes from the tube can easily get to the earlobe.
Pay attention to the choice of earrings. Immediately after the perforation can not be put in ears, heavy earrings with stones, precious metals, coil rod, they will injure the hole. Use silver or Golden, light - weighing less than three grams - with zipper at the bottom, not near the tip. Wearing them, wear continuously without taking off, for about two months. It is necessary that the holes closed up quickly. And try as little as possible to touch the ears, do not twist, do not move the earrings, not to provoke an inflammation.
The puncture site require special care in 2-3 weeks. Several times a day, wipe the earlobes boric, medical alcohol or hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab. Do not use a tampon again, each time take new. Alcohol do not RUB in the ear, otherwise burns may result. Just place the cotton swab on for a few seconds to puncture.