You will need
  • A visit to the doctor the otolaryngologist, a master of ear piercing, earrings.
If you decided to pierce her daughter 's ears, then first consult a doctor otolaryngologist. Not recommended to do piercing for children with disease of the ear, eczema or blood disease, as well as girls with severe allergies. After all, earrings can contain allergenic substances.
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
To conduct such manipulation, you need to choose a health center or certified salon, where a professional beautician with medical education. On the earlobe of the child is the point associated with teeth, eyes, facial muscles, inner ear, tongue. Therefore, the choice of the puncture site is not a simple matter. Doctors recommend that children earrings made of special medical steel, which are well acclimatized. They are inserted during the puncture of the gun.
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
Before the puncture the ear is treated with antiseptics. Expert outlines the point of puncture and shoots a gun. The lobe out the hole in which you immediately receive the earring. She will stay there until complete healing of the wound. Girl just hear a click, but afraid not in time because the procedure lasts only a few seconds. This is the easiest way to pierce ears. The puncture site is treated with antiseptics .
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
Carefully take care of wounds, the first five days your ears should be wet, and in the evening and in the morning treat the puncture site with 70% alcohol solution or other antiseptic substance.The wound finally healed after a month. At this time, earrings can not be removed.
Don't buy them silver-plated or gold-plated jewelry over time, the coating is erased, and this place cracks are formed, where they like to breed germs. The best materials for earrings are gold and silver. Children best suited light earrings in the form of rings or hearts with convenient and tight clasp.
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
The child's hair should be collected in a ponytail or get a haircut to bacteria with hairs do not fall into the wound.