You will need
  • - alcohol;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • ointment "Levomekol";
  • medical adhesive
Fresh wounds can not insert any metal. In this case, you must use gold, silver earrings or earrings made of surgical steel. It would be better if the earring is small (e.g., carnations) and doesn't weight down your ear.
During the first month the wound must be processed twice a day, use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic. Before proceeding to the treatment of the ears, you should make sure the cleanness of your hands, for better security, wipe them with alcohol. Additional processing is necessary after taking a shower or, for example, obvious dirt on the wound. This is to avoid gnouni and swelling of the ear. If the ear is still swollen, then you need to treat it 5-7 times a day to the means described above, and additionally, you can use boric alcohol. For the treatment of festered wounds requires the use of special ointments, for example, "Levomekol". If these symptoms persist for weeks, immediately go to the doctor. Also, should I do if my ear hurts or shoots.
A more convenient way to care for pierced ear is a medical glue. After applying this tool to the wound about it can be easy to forget, as additional treatment she will not be required. In this case, earrings cannot be scrolled and touch until then, while the glue itself will not do.
After one month try for a while to remove the earrings. This will allow you to handle them. It is important to note that the formation of a small amount of pus on the earrings – it's a natural phenomenon. After two months you will be able to wear other earrings are not even made of precious metals, but care still should not forget, and often try to wear earrings of high quality metal.