You will need
  • - Earring or rod
  • - Needle (catheter)
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • - Alcohol
  • Wat
  • - A solution miramistina
As a rule, the puncture eyebrows done in the first quarter, closer to the outer edge of the eye. Pretty dangerous to do a puncture in the center or near the nose. There are several ways to perforation eyebrow: vertical, horizontal, at an angle. You can make a few punctures. Especially prevalent vertical puncture or slightly at an angle. Can take as jewelry curved barbells or rings. To reduce the risk of trauma to the puncture site, decoration take minimal thickness and length.
Disinfect the barbell (earring) in a small container with alcohol. Wash hands thoroughly and then treat them with alcohol. After that, dipped in alcohol cotton swab to wipe the needle and puncture site.
Then determine the puncture: - grab a little skin and produmyvayte her, not to hurt the blood vessels. Then found the area of the skin is not much pull and quickly followed.
Without removing the catheter from the eyebrows, pass him the rod and pull it out. Now gently pull the catheter so that the rod remained in place.
Treat the puncture with a solution miramistina. The healing of eyebrow piercing depends on the individual, and care care area of the puncture. Usually it can take from 2 to 8 weeks.
After perfect procedure, be sure to wash the puncture site with a solution Miramistina twice a day. Also, be careful with the clothes, cosmetics, hats - any inflammation, allergic reactions and swelling. Keep the hair, even accidentally hit the piercing. Protect the puncture site from a variety of injuries, quite often the eyebrow piercing is threatened by the ingress of infection. Do not touch the puncture site with dirty hands and, in any case, do not twist the barbell (earring). Re-piercing the eyebrow is possible only after complete healing of the puncture.