You will need
  • - needle,
  • - earring made of gold or surgical steel
  • - alcohol,
  • - hydrogen peroxide,
  • Wat
Note that the ear contains many nerve endings, so when the wrong movement you can easily damage one of them. If you want to have earrings brought to you pleasure and opportunity to go to the beautician not, ask any health professional about a similar service.
Before ear piercing wash your head because dust and dirt from the hair can get to the puncture site. In addition, immediately after piercing the ears to wash the head is not recommended. Be sure to exclude after puncture the swim in open water. Change your pillowcase from the pillow 2-3 times a week, so you eliminate getting into the puncture of germs and bacteria.
If you are afraid of pain, apply to the tip of an ice cube for a few seconds. Wait until the ear is a little zanimaet. The earring soak in alcohol, the needle also must be disinfected. Then with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, wipe the ear and begin to pierce. Insert the needle carefully, please note: it must go strictly at right angles, not at. Next, remove the needle and insert the earring. Wipe the puncture site with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. It is believed that pierced ears are not in the middle of the lobe, and closer to the face. If you want to pierce the ear in any other place, then set the punctured spots with green stuff.
Wearing earrings, do not remove them for several weeks, and it is better 2-3 months. The puncture is still in the stage of healing, and it can easily be damaged if you remove and wear earrings. In the first 2-3 weeks, make sure to do procedures on ear, pierced ears. Every day, wipe them with a solution of boric alcohol or the conventional medical. In order to avoid infection for each ear use separate cotton swab. Not to get burns from the alcohol, you should not RUB it in the earlobe, just enough to make the wool for a few seconds to the puncture site.