Ways of piercing ears

For a start it should be said that even today, pierce your ears in different ways. At least there are three ways of piercing ears is totally unacceptable, unacceptable and correct. On these techniques, we should tell you more.

As it is impossible to pierce ears

One of the wrong ways is piercing ears at home independently. If you don't have at least minimal knowledge in medicine and the piercing, then most likely, you will find the inflammation and going to the surgeon soon. To pierce ears at home often use "Gypsy" needle, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, painkillers in the form of a piece of Apple, etc. If you value your health, it is better not to do piercing yourself, and spend up to 1000 rubles and go to the salon, where a professional master piercer offer you high-quality ear piercing and give advice on the care of the piercing. Only in this case you will save yourself from the terrible effects.

Ear piercing "gun"

Use a special gun for piercing ears is one of the most popular tools. But in this case popular does not mean safe and correct.

Ear piercing gun may seem very convenient and quick way to make the most simple piercing like a puncture there, and the earring is already dressed (only to close the padlock). But all is not so simple. First, when the ear piercing gun is a strong tissue, which is very long to heal. According to statistics, the ears pierced with a gun, heal for 1-2 months longer than pierced by a needle. Secondly, you should pay attention to the inability to be sterilized this instrument. Thus, you can obtain any serious disease transmitted through blood. It is therefore not necessary to dwell on this method of piercing ears.

Best and safest option

Ear piercing with a special needle piercing is the safest and right way. The first thing to say is that with this method of puncture maximum sterility and absence of infection – all piercing needles are available in special vacuum packages are sterile and disposable! In practice, it has been proven that punctures the ears of the needles for the piercing heal much faster. Also thanks to a special hole in the center of the needle, you can simultaneously pull the needle out of the puncture and is ready to wear earring – this will protect you from additional injury to a fresh puncture.