Try to first find out all the circumstances of the situation and calmly talk to the worker. To Express their grievances and to listen to his position. It is possible that this conflict will be settled. In the conversation say that they are forced for this reason to interview the head of the kindergarten will continue to monitor the situation.
Write in any form a statement in the name of the Manager with the request to understand the essence of the conflict and to take action. In the complaint, except for the presentation of the problem, write down what results you expect. Talk to parents of children in your group. If this situation is repeated often, write a collective complaint and make sure other parents wrote on this sheet of paper. A statement will be issued in two copies, the second Express. The complaint is in writing, it is logged and should not be neglected, measures must be taken within two weeks.
If the claims against the employee are very serious in their charges, you are confident and believe that measures should be taken up to ban this person to work in this field, write a collective complaint to the regional office of education. In it specify that the statement in the name of head was inconclusive. Make sure that your complaint is registered, a second instance of the same you keep.
If the action of the teacher falls under criminal liability, theft, abuse of children up to the beating - to address is already in the Prosecutor's office. Try, that your statement was a collective. Guide the medical examination, bruising and abrasions must be reported in your presence in writing, and directly in the garden call the police. The form and features of populate you tell the employees of these organizations.