You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - reviews of other parents about the work of the teacher;
  • - the conclusion of the psychologist;
  • - performance test results.
If you own a kindergarten, and the teacher complains of harassment by parents, necessarily intervene in the situation. Listen to both parties to the conflict. Even if you are pretty sure that the teacher is not to blame, save the appearance of neutrality. Otherwise, parents will accuse you that you cover careless employees. In such a scenario, the family may begin to act around you, speaking directly to the regional Department of education and other authorities.
Invite the complaining tutor people to write a statement in which they set out in detail their claims.
At the same time, contact other parents whose children are in this group. Ask them to write their opinion about the work of the teacher, who has received the complaint.
Attach these reviews to the papers. Guide official investigation, will issue its findings in writing. Manifest its opinion on the issue, attaching a copy on the news stand. These measures will help you avoid disciplinary action by regulatory bodies, since from a formal point of view, the complaint procedure has been performed properly.
If the circumstances of the matter, it became clear that the child is reserved for caregivers, and witnesses of the incident no, ask the staff psychologist to give his opinion on the behavior of this child.
In the case of abuse by parents tutor will offer your employee to make a counter-complaint against them. Let them know about received applications and inform that if this persists, then this complaint turn into a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity of your colleagues. People worrying about his career and reputation, once again soberly analyze the situation and, most likely, will agree on a compromise.