You will need
  • - a computer with a text editor and access to the Internet;
  • protocols parent meetings;
  • - telephone directory.
Money for repairs, toys and benefits is entitled to collect only the parents themselves. Neither the headmaster nor the teacher should not do. They can only bring the question of financial assistance to kindergarten at the parent meeting, which should take an appropriate decision. In this case, you have every right with that decision not to agree. To raise money have a representative of the parent Committee, which is responsible for and report on use of funds. Usually the heads of the kindergartens cost without unnecessary formalities. They just instruct the teachers to collect the money. If you do not consider it necessary to take them, have every right to refuse.
Talk to parents from other groups. If too frequent levies are only in your group, try to start to find out from the head, the purposes for which the money is collected. If the decision is kindergarten leadership, it is bound to give you a full report, where will the funds raised and why.
If levies are about the same in all groups, write a complaint to the local Department of education. It may have other names – the Committee, or the Department of education. Your complaint must consider is exactly the same as any other citizens, regardless of how you her this on sent. The letter needs to register with you if you applied personally, or to send a notification by mail or email. The results you should also report in writing.
You can complain and Deputy head of the local administration responsible for the social sphere. Work of kindergartens within its jurisdiction. Contact also better written, observing all the formalities.
There are situations when in the garden, collect the money, but the parents do not see any new hardware, no reports on the expenditure of funds. In this case, your path lies to the Prosecutor. This body should monitor the implementation of the Russian legislation. Since compulsory levies illegal, and for the voluntary collection of funds must comply with certain rules, possible methods of public Prosecutor's reaction is a warning, administrative penalties and even criminal charges. If other parents are outraged by the continuous collection of money and lack of accountability, it is better to write a collective complaint.